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[Proposed 87 in 1988]

This is 87 North of 880, in 1988, before it was upgraded to a freeway.

Here I have pages showing various aspects of 87 and its ongoing construction. This freeway, or parts of it, had been a dotted line on maps since 1967. It had a very large interchange with 280 built in 1967. The interchange was not fully open until 1992. Links to the freeway photos are at the bottom of the page.

Here is a brief history on which section was open and when:

Up to May 1988:
It is a long exit to JuliŠn Street  and it is signed as such. Some of the downtown overpasses were built in 1978. It was first open, that I noticed, in 1985. It has gap between JuliŠn Street and the existing section of (non-freeway) Guadalupe Parkway.
Like Highway 252 in San Diego, it was a huge interchange that led to pretty much nothing.
Guadalupe Parkway, from Coleman Ave. to US101, has traffic lights. It carries a lot of traffic,  especially government agency traffic. A new overpass and extension of 87 to North First St. is underway from 1985 until 1992.
There was talk of opening up 87 south of US101 by 1987, as well as 85 from 87 to Miyuki.

May 1988 until October 1992:
It is opened to the Guadalupe Parkway & Coleman Avenue area.  The exit from 280 has changed from being "JuliŠn St." to being "Guadalupe Parkway."  You can proceed up the freeway section of 87 and then on a parkway (with traffic lights) to US101. The section from 880 to US101 receives a concrete divider. Lawsuits held up the freeway near Almaden Expressway.

October 23, 1992:
It is opened as a freeway from 280 to Almaden Expressway (Northbound 87 opened on this stretch on 9/10/92), and from US101 to North First St. The Northern Section is not a freeway.  87 was anticipated to be completed down to 85 by 1990, but it was held up by the recession, and lawsuits over eminent domain. A Branham Lane interchange similar to the Lawrence & San Tomas Expressway interchange was never built.

August 1993:
It is opened as a freeway from Almaden Expressway to 85 in South San Josť. It makes driving across San Josť much simpler. At this point, it is a freeway South of Taylor St. Going from South San Josť to the Airport just became simple.

Late 2000 until 2004:
Work begins on the section from Taylor St. to US101. The Taylor St. overpass is done before the others. A new overpass is built over 880. Massive work is underway by San Josť International.

April 4, 2004
87 now is  free of traffic lights from US101 to 85 in South San Josť.

May 2004
Some of the lanes on 87 South from US101 to 880 don't appear to be open. You really look down on the old part (Terminal C) of the San Josť Airport when you do this ride. Also, there are no diamond lanes anywhere on 87. A similar section of 85 had diamond lanes painted in early 1994. There are exit numbers from US101 to JuliŠn St. The speed limit is 50 north of 880, then 55, then 65 south of 280.

There is reconstruction of the ramp to US101 North from 87 and the US101 to De La Cruz interchange.

April 2005 - Present
The diamond lane is open in a few areas and under construction on the rest.

87 is proposed to run from US101 to 237 as a freeway mainly along First Street, but I doubt this will be built.
There currently is no interchange with Interstate 880. The old overpasses were replaced as 87 was upgraded.

Now for photos of 87. I redid these sets in the summer of 2006 and the fall of 2008. At the bottom of the page are links to some of these are the oldest highway photos I have! And the developing on one black and white set from 1985 was a disaster. The old photos and construction photos are still very popular and I will not ever take any of my photos of 87 down.

Highway 87 Freeway Photos

87 South, page one 87 North, page one
87 South, page two 87 North, page two
87 South, page three 87 North, page three
87 South, page four 87 North, page four
87 South, page five 87 North, page five
87 South, page six 87 North, page six
87 South, page seven 87 North, page seven
87 South, page eight

Construction Photos (1980s)

87's ramps from 280, page one
87's ramps from 280, page two
87's ramps to 280
The Highway 87 Corridor (1980s)
87 near Coleman Avenue in September 1987 and in February 1988
87's ramps from I280 in December 1986

Old Photos (1980s)

87 South (Old Photos)
87 North (Old Photos)
87 South (Old Photos) 87 North (Old Photos)
87 South in December 1986 87 North from October 1987

87 North from November 1987

87 North in 11/2004
87 North in 11/2004
87 North in 11/2004

Hale Avenue and Santa Teresa Boulevard North in October 2003 at sunset
A computer generated gallery of Highway 85 and Santa Teresa Boulevard in April 2005
A computer generated gallery of Hale Avenue, Bailey Avenue, and McKean Road (G8) in April 2007 (16 photos)
A computer generated gallery of Monterey Highway from Morgan Hill to Gilroy, Tenth Street in Gilroy, and Hale Avenue in Morgan Hill in February and March 2009
A computer generated gallery of Hale Avenue south in June 2011 and 25 with J1 in November 2011
A computer generated gallery of Hale Avenue, Santa Teresa Boulevard, Bailey Avenue, and McKean Road (G8) in February 2019 (106 photos)

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Hale Avenue South
Hale Avenue North
Santa Teresa Boulevard South
Santa Teresa Boulevard North
Santa Teresa Boulevard and Hale Avenue North in March 2018
Santa Teresa Boulevard and Hale Avenue South in March 2018

Hale Avenue / Santa Teresa Boulevard North in April 2006 and May 2006
Santa Teresa Boulevard / Hale Avenue South in April 2006 and in May 2006 

Santa Teresa Boulevard South in Gilroy in March 1995
Hale Avenue extension construction in Morgan Hill in April 2021 *
A computer generated gallery of Highway 17, Highway 87, Highway 85, Great Oaks Boulevard, Santa Teresa Boulevard, and US101 in the fall of 2008
A computer generated gallery of US101, 152, Santa Teresa, Tenth Street, and Cochrane Road from March 2007
a computer generated gallery of a ride on J1 and 25 in San Benito County on 3/9/2012 with Hale Avenue South
Monterey Highway North, 87 North, US101 North, G3 (Oregon Page Mill Expressway South), I280 South, and 85 South on 10/6/2019.

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