Mineta International in San José  (formerly San José International)  (SJC)

The North terminal is painted brown. It has been open (and built in phases) since about 1990. It serves Southwest (the Southern set of gates) and American(the Northern set of gates.) All other airlines go to a terminal to the south, and it is very old. You have to walk up stairs to get on the plane in Terminal C, with the exception of a portable jet bridge used by Delta Airlines, though this entire terminal should be replaced within several years. There is a new International Interim arrivals facility just south of Terminal A, and there I have seen mainly American planes, with an occasional Mexicana Airline plane. A recent (March 2003) ballot proposition approved starting improvements this year on Terminal C.

Highway 87 is now open next to the airport, so it is easier to get in and out of here.

This airport is small  for a city with a large population and a lot of high tech companies, and in October 2001 a new runway opened, yielding a total of two runways. They are not far apart, and thus, only one can be in use at a time.  Inside it is probably the nicest airport (Terminal A) I have ever seen, in the Southwest and American section. The food selection is generally healthy, and you won't clog your arteries if you eat here. Also note that if you fly in or out of the Bay Area via Southwest, they no longer operate out of SFO. So you will have to fly out of San José or Oakland. Here is the official page for Mineta San José International.

This is Terminal A on April 18th, 2000.
The hills aren't always green. In a rainy year, they're green from November until April. In a drought, they are green maybe six weeks in the springtime.

[San José Airport in April 2000]

This is Terminal A (Gate 16B) on 11/9/2004.

[Terminal A]

To the left is the parking garage, to the right are the gates. The baggage claim for Terminal A is to the right.

[Terminal A]

This is the front of the International Terminal. This was done around late 2001.

[The International Arrivals Terminal]

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