Interstate 880 North (Nimitz Freeway)

This mound of wildflowers is by the new Coleman interchange.

[880 North]

Highway 87 has no direct access at all to or from I880. This is approaching US101.

[880 North]

US101 North
US101 South

This is just north of US101. This area was a four lane bottleneck until about late 2003. The loops of the 880 and US101 were very scary until about 1995, though they got better around 1987.

The rest of this set is from June 2004 and this is just north of US101.
[880 North]

This is from September 29, 2004, and this is just before Brokaw.

[I880 North]

This is from 1/20/1990. This is just before Brokaw. This is scanned off slides.

[880 North]

 These two photos are from 6/18/2004.

880 North

880 North
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