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Do you have any submissions, additions, corrections, highway questions, or want to link to me? I do like hearing from highway fans. I'm open to all highway related correspondence, but cannot give out map directions and travel advice, as outlined in my FAQ page. Email me at (ares [at]
I do not use instant messenger programs because I read they copyright what you send as if it were theirs. That is not my cup of tea. I never use the social media. Hablo espaņol bien. Puedo leer gallego, occitano, catalano, y asturiano. Jag pratar lite svenska. I want to hear from highway fans. I speak Spanish and some Swedish. I can read a some Latvian. (Espaņol, Svenska, Latviešu.) I can read Dutch (Nederlandse.)
You can write me here if you personally know me away from the internet and we are on good terms.

Unacceptable contact

Do not send in forwards or any off-topic email.
Do not send in SEO optimization offers. They are usually scams.
Do not send in business opportunity offers other than requests for ads on my site. This site will never earn me even a penny.
I will unconditionally never hire any professional services for this site since I am learning assembly, java, python, perl, C#, C++, and C. If I want something advanced for my site I will do it myself. Do not send in anything that sounds like "business opportunities" that smack of: Tony Robbins, Tom Vu, walking on hot coals in seminars, and the Brain Supercharger.
This site does not belong on any informercials because it is a free site! There is no finance department here. I have even gotten these scam emails sent to my genealogy site. Do not send in scams.
And I will not reply to email that does not sound like it is on topic!
Earned income through this site since 1998: $0.00. I have to say this because you might be surprised at some of the things that have been emailed to me over the years.

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My PGP key has ID # F28E8BF8.

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