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1. I see you've been on such and such highway and you would like more information on what it is like to travel it.
You need to see someone in the travel business if you still have serious questions after seeing my site, because this is an amateur (hobby) website and they're the professionals. I do not want to cost someone their job because of my site.

2. What kind of cameras do you use?
Before 2003, I used a Minolta XG-M with mainly a 50 mm lens. After that I have used a HP120 Photosmart digital camera. I take a lot more photos that way and I don't have to scan them. I also now have a blue Canon ELPH 170 IS Power Shot camera as of late 2016. To not blow a trip I will bring both with me. I am keeping both cameras. To scan my slides and negatives I bought a Jumbl 22 megapixel all in one scanner for slides and negatives. I highly recommend it.

3. Can I use one of your photos in one of my works?
Please ask permission. I have yet to turn anyone down. If the photo is by someone else I will forward your request to them. Not all my site is made up of photos I personally took.

4. Where can I find _______ on a road map?
First, I'd recommend buying a good US and Canadian highway atlas. Look and see if the place name is in there.
If you cannot find it, try searching Google, Google Images, or any other search engine for it. You will probably find it there. Of course my web site is not a substitute for AAA and similar services if that does not work. I got too busy over the years to be a free AAA and also I do not want to hurt anyone's travel business. I do not do free computer work in general either since one of my friends had horror stories about his "free tech support days." He left high tech to become a lawyer. He never told me he had been used but I sure heard that he was.

5. How do most people find your site?
Usually this is by Google images search, Google, and Yahoo. Or highway related links.

6. According to your web statistics, what are your visitors like overall?
Most use Windows and Firefox. They generally come from the United States with some from Canada, and a little bit from other countries. They're about 80% from personal internet service providers, about 18% from private companies, and about 2% from government agencies, and that would usually be from highway departments and highway patrols. This domain also gets a few visits from domains of elected officials. Sometimes I also get visits from people who work in the private sector with highways. Half my visits are really from search engines and not people!

7. How much bandwidth do you get a day? How many visitors and page views a year do you get?
I get 100 MB - 330 MB a day of bandwidth usually. I get about 100,000 visitors and 350,000 page views a year.

8. What are your most popular pages?
Interstate 80 and US101 are the most popular. Don't ask me why, but virtually no one looks at my Highway 1 photos. My "boring"  photos (269 or 41 in the Central Valley) are much more popular!
Quite a few people find my Interstate 80 pages and look at all the galleries I have. Also, 152 is pretty popular as well and I emphasize it heavily.

9. What highways do people write you the most about?
Interstate 80 is the most popular by far. Virtually no one asks me about Interstate 5, 99, or even US101, even though I have about as many photos of them. And my US101 galleries are very popular.

10. Why did you chose the domain name ""
When I got my hosting package, I didn't know what to name my domain at first, especially since many ideas I had were already taken. Interstate 80 is the main draw to my site, and the "info" domain for it was still open, and it is what my site has been most known for.

11. What is the focus of your site? What is its history?
My site is basically "this is what this route looks like" and "this is what you'll see."
My site focuses on pictures taken from highways.  I found there already were a lot of sites with highway information, highway history, and highway exit lists that were better than I could put together, so I better stick with something visual. Also, I am not primarily a sign oriented site, though I do have a few sign photos as well. I started out on Tripod in September 1998 and added a couple other banner ad sites. Then I moved all that to my then ISP's space, then moved it all to this domain in late 2005. Also I try to update highway photos if the highway changes a lot and if I can get back to there easily.

12. Do you have any older photos of ________?
I have replaced hundreds of photos recently, and most of them were from the 1980s. If I get enough serious inquiries about seeing older photos I will probably put them up in a separate gallery. Also California highways do not usually change as much as in other states I have been to. In 2018 I have put online almost all highway photos I ever took.

13. Which highway sets do you recommend viewing the most?
Interstate 80
US101 and US50
California 180 / J1, 190, 25, 88, 152, 130, and 156.

14. What is prohibited on your site?
Any site scraping, visits by spam bots, visits by off line browsers / off line downloaders will result in a ban. You will not be let back in again ever.

15. Why do you have some old photos on your site?
Some are of places I saw long ago and really can't see again. Or I got a photo that I probably can't duplicate now. I did put some older photos back online due to user requests. I will keep all photos of initial construction of a route. I will not ever be taking down older photos of: I280, 85, 87, and 180 in the city of Fresno. If I ever get newer photos of the super beautiful highways on my site, I will be leaving the older photos in a separate gallery. This would include the following: 180 and J1 in the mountains, 190, US50, etc. Also if I ever get all new photos of Interstate 80, I will keep the older sets up in separate galleries. Keeping these particular older photos is a part of keeping my site's identity because I get visitors looking for them.

16. Why do you have a lot of photos of Wells, Nevada?
A lot of my trips have gone through there and I stopped there. Also I have distant family out that way.

17. Why do you have a lot of photos from California of J1 / 180 and 152?
I've been on them many times over a very long time, and they are very beautiful rides.

18. Do you use any social networking?
I am completely out of social networking 100% because I am not into it. Also if I were using it then I would have less time to put this site together. I have to spend a lot of time working on this site.

19. What is swiggle?
Swiggle is a program I can use to automatically generate pages for large galleries. I only use this for my own photos and not for what people send in. This is for galleries of highways I have really covered before. I do have to hand edit a few things on the pages for them but it can save me days of time. Click on the thumbnails to see the full size photos in swiggle.

20. Where do you want to go to if you can?
Sonora, Texas and Sheffield, Texas off I10. Benson, Dos Cabezas, and Willcox Arizona off I10. Currant Nevada, Tybo Nevada, and Coaldale Nevada off US6. I am going to a family grave yard by Dayton, Idaho at some point. It is off I15. I would go to Latvia if I could!

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