US101 South in Santa Clara County

I now have a ton of photos of US101 in Santa Clara County. Most are from 11/2006, and some are from the 1980s, just to show you how this area has changed thanks to Measure A.

These first  photos are from 11/21/2006. This is between Lawrence Expressway and Bowers.

[101 South]

This is south of Bowers Ave. The traffic is heavy here throughout the day.

[101 South]

Montague Expressway North
San Tomas Expressway South

De La Cruz and Trimble are the next exit.  G6 North

[101 South]

This section of US101 was widened in the late 1980s by Measure A funds.

[101 South]

This is the 87 interchange. It has been signed as "87" since about 1987, even though 87 was not a freeway all the way until 2004.

87 South
The San José Airport (SJC)

This is just north of the San José Airport.

[101 South of 880 in April 2004]

US101 South
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