DTW, the Detroit Metro Airport

A new runway opened up here in early 2002, and the Northwest terminal was replaced with a brand new one at the same time. The Smith Terminal is going to be replaced around 2008.  The airport has six runways, of which four are parallel. A sixth runway opened in early 2002. Relax, the Detroit airport is not within the inner city! It is in Romulus, an attractive suburb to the west of the well known large city. The neighborhoods quickly go downhill when you head east on I94.

The official web site of the airport is located here.

This is the old access road through the old part of the airport (The Smith Terminal). The old control tower is straight ahead in June 2000. This is by the old Northwest terminal.

[DTW in June 2000]

Looking to the north out of Terminal A (Smith Terminal). These three are from 9/4/2001.

[DTW in September 2001]

Leaving Concourse A, the South West Terminal.

[DTW in September 2001]

A Northwest plane taking off to the north east.

[DTW in September 2001]

The old Terminals (for all other airlines) Page Two
The new McNamara Terminal (for Northwest and Continental)

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