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I have been meaning to get these up for years and years. These show the construction that turned Guadalupe Parkway into the Guadalupe Freeway from 1987 to 1988. By 1987 you could take 87 to Julian Street and to St. James Street. Guadalupe Parkway was separate and it ran from Coleman Avenue up to US101. The interchange was improved with US101 by the early 1990s. These first two are from 9/8/1987. These show the bridge being built for the Guadalupe Freeway near Coleman Avenue. This bridge was not here at all before the summer of 1987. This is looking southwards.

[87 Corridor] 

This is the bridge being built by Coleman on the new Guadulupe Freeway. This is driving north while looking south.

[87 Corridor]

This is looking at the same bridge on 2/7/1988. The bridge was not open yet. This is 87 near the St. James and Julian exit. 87 ended here until about May 1988.

[87 South]

This is the bridge of 87 going over from Julian and St. James Streets to the Coleman Avenue area.

[The 87 Corridor]      

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