Highway 87 | Guadalupe Parkway's Corridor

This is what Highway 87 looked like from I280 in July 1986.

[87 Corridor] 

Looking (north) down on mainline 87 before it opened. The pavement below was finished in 1967, and it was opened when it was 25 years old!

[Looking at mainline 87 befor it was opened]

Looking south at some old pavement that was not opened until October 1992.  This is just north of the 87 and 280 interchange.   

[87 South]

This is the freeway corridor in May 1988 and it is  looking north. A few months later, the first steps of freeway building were done up the grade in the distance. A large cut was made in the hillside to prepare for the freeway.  This spot of San José was not developed until the mid to late 1990s.  

[The 87 Corridor]

This is Highway 87 at Julián St. in December 1985. Highway 87 dead ended here until May 1988. The freeway entrance sign said "To 280" in 1985. The wood forms in the distance are the start of the new overpass.

[87 at Julián Street]

This is I280 North over the 87 corridor in February 1988. It was 5 1/2 years later before that section of 87 was done even though the pavement shown here was done in 1967. The Virginia Street bridge is behind the pillar on I280.

[87 Corridor]  

These are scanned off slides from 1/1986. The first three are by the 87 corridor. This is looking towarrds 87 south of I880. I880 had been an interstate for about a year at this point. It was being widened and resurfaced.

[I880 South]

This is the Guadalupe Parkway overpass. It was torn out around 2000. The new overpasses are in the same place and also closer to where the photo was taken in 1986.

[I880 South]

This shows where the 87 freeway runs now. It is by the old Guadalupe Parkway shown here and to the right.

[880 South] 

87 near Coleman Avenue in September 1987 and in February 1988
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