87    Guadalupe Parkway

[the flyover to 87 in December 1985]

This is the north end of the 280 87 Interchange in November 1987.
The last parts of the 1960s style guardrail have been finished. The connector to 87 Express is almost done. The light rail line has not been started yet. The large building in the foreground is currently owned by Adobe.

[The Flyover to 87 North in November 1987]

The 280 87 Interchange in December 1986.
The express connector is almost complete.

[The North end of 280 87 in December 1986]

This is from May 1988. The light rail line is being built here in the center divide of 87. It first opened in downtown San José and the section south of downtown opened by 1990 or 1991.

[The transition ramp to 87 North in May 1988]

These two are from October 1988. I think someone hit the barriers here.

[87's ramps from I280]

[87's ramps from I280]

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