87 North  (Guadalupe Parkway)

This is for my old photos of 87 North, and I am keeping these up because a lot of my traffic comes from Wikipedia's article on Highway 87, and I've had people write me who are curious about this highway.

This is the beginning of the local section of 87. The ramps from 280 merge onto the three local lanes, in 1988.  

[Merging onto the Express Lanes of 87 North in October 1988]
87 North in December 1985. The express lanes are under construction here, the present day through lanes were the only lanes of 87 North back when this "antique" photo was taken. Actually I think present day 87's southbound lanes were used as both directions of 87 at this point.

[87 North in December 1985]

The express lanes and northbound through lanes are being built to the right.
Downtown has changed quite a bit since this was taken. There was no hockey arena, and no Adobe System's high rise, either.

[87 North

87 nearing where it ended from 1985 - May 1988. These two lanes are the present day through  lanes, actually the present day southbound lanes. Unlike the guardrail being built  at the 280 interchange, this section of 87 was built with a contemporary Jersey style, solid barrier.

[87 North in December 1985]

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