87    Guadalupe Parkway

The ramp from 280 South to 87 in December 1985. 87 South of here opened in October 1992 down to Almaden Expressway, and the rest of 87 South of here opened in August 1993.

[The ramp from 280 South to 87 in 12/85]

The ramp to 87 South was completed around 1967, but was not opened until 1992. The old, temporary Jersey style barrier was removed in October 1992.

[The Ramp from 280 to 87 in December 1985]

The flyover to 87 North, and note the mid 1960's style guardrail.

[the flyover to 87 North in December 1985]

Overlooking the northern half of the 280-87 interchange. The light rail line is not even under construction here, though by this point (12/1985), it was being built in downtown. The beginning of the bridge from mainline 87 North to Express 87 North (similar to many Midwestern and Eastern freeways) is just starting to be built here. Note the lack of the guardrail on both sides of 87 down below. When the guardrail was finished, it was built to the same 1960s standard you see  on the mainline freeway below.

[The north end of the 280/87 interchange, in December 1985]

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