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Hale Avenue extension construction in Morgan Hill in April 2021 *

6/5/2021 These are 25 photos of US101 and Monterey Highway during the coronavirus lockdown in June 2020

6/27/2021 These are 25 photos of 85 South in June 2021 (shows SCU fire damage)

7/6/2021 From Brian: an unusual sign photo from Tappahannock, Virginia off US17. This is a recent trip. Sign photos

7/14/2021 From Brian: US1 North in Maryland.

12/20/2021 I put a photo from February 1989 up of 17 South in California.

3/7/2022 TX 121 North in the Dallas Fort Worth Airport

11/6/2022 I put up photos from 1986 of Highway 17 and Highway 1.

11/9/2022 I put up photos from 1988 of Soquel San Jose Road North, Summit Road North, and Old Santa Cruz Highway North

11/10/2022 I put a photo up of 17 North in Scotts Valley from 1988. I do not drive 17 anymore.

4/9/2023 I put back up old photos of 580 I580 East from 1986. It continues onto the next set.

4/27/2023 Bailey Avenue East in 2023

Santa Teresa Boulevard north in 2023

7/4/2023 US101, Highway 25, and J1 on 4/9/2023

7/5/2023 US101, Highway 25, and J1 on 11/25/2022

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