US395 North in California

This is 42 miles north of I15, and this is approaching 58 and Kramer.

[US395 North]

This is 42 miles north of I15.
This is approaching Kramer and 58.  Further on US395 is closer to the Eastern Sierras.

[US395 North on

These three are from 11/11/1999. The first photo shows the desert and mountains just east of US395 and Ridgecrest, California. The China Lake Naval Weapons Center is to the north and south of this area.

        from the air]

US395 is the line in the lower end of the photo. The start of the eastern Sierra Nevada is to the left. This is by Ridgecrest.

        by Ridgecrest]

This shows the area between US395 and the back of the eastern Sierra Nevada.

        and Ridgecrest]

This is taken over Death Valley in August 1988.

        Valley in 1988]

 US395 North in Minden, Nevada
58 West from Kramer
58 East to Barstow and I15

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