TX-121 North in Texas

These are from 8/17/1988. It was about sunset. TX 121 runs through the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. The second photo shows the junction with Bethel Road. Interstate 635 starts there and serves as a belt loop for Dallas. Also the freeway system has been added to over the years in this area. It was being worked on back then. My early years were out here. I also flew out of Love Field and lived near it back then.

[TX-121 North]

[TX-121 North by I635]

These two photos are taken just before I landed. The first is Carswell AFB before it closed in 1993.

[Carswell AFB in 1988]

This is of Texas Stadium when it was still around. Loop 12 is running upwards in the photo and 114 is running to the upper left. This is Irving, Texas.


58 West in California

I10 West in California

I17 North in Arizona

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