More Interstate Shields and Signs

Here is a large "Patrolled by Aircraft" sign on US101, near Wildhorse Road. This is taken 9/6/2001. I don't recall seeing similar signs on I5 or 99. This sign has been up since at least the mid 1980s.

[US101 Sign]

This is a close up of a sign assembly on 152 East in Los Baños, California, showing signs for 165 and I5. California's Green Miner's spade is more highly regarded by most highway fans than most state highway shields. After all, quite a few California highways are up to interstate standards. This photo courtesy Trevor Carrier, from the Summer of 2006.

[US101 Sign]

This sign photo was taken on slides in July 1986. I think this "Expressway Entrance" sign was up until about 1996.

[Expressway Entrance Sign]

This was taken on Quito Road in Saratoga in 1985. The legal speed limit is 25 though there is a 22 MPH caution sign. People used to stare at these and take pictures of them.

[Funny speed limit signs]

Brian took this in Virginia near US17 in July 2021. Brian says "These small, rectangular shields are used in place of the larger circle shields in some cases in Virginia. This was in Tappahannock which is a fairly small town."

[Virginia Highway Sign]

This is from Brian on 7/12/2021. This is US1 North just before I495 and I95.

[Maryland Highway Sign]

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