I580 East in Alameda County

This is by Dutton Avenue and Estudillo Avenue.

[I580 East]

This is by 150th Avenue / Fairmont Drive. This section has since received numbered exit signs.

[580 East]

The next photo is from 9/29/2004. In 1986 the Highway 238 interchange was modernized. Before it did not have full access to every direction of I238.  This interchange area is much wider now.

[580 East]

580 used to slow to 45 mph as you approached 238. This is from 9/24/2004.

[580 East]

This is JCT I238 in 4/2004.

[580 East on 4/9/2004]

If I238 had been completed south of here, you would have used the left two lanes of the exit to get on it. This is from 9/24/2004.

[580 East]

I580 East
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