Alpine Road and Pescadero Creek Road

This is showing the mountains near Alpine Road, as seen from Pescadero State Beach.

[Pescadero Creek Road South]

This is the start of Pescadero Road, which becomes Alpine Road. The dark peak dead ahead can be seen clearly in one of the pictures farther north of here.

[Alpine Road]

This was taken in November 1985. I doubt this road has changed much in the meantime.

The mountain peak is Mindego Hill, elevation 2127'. Most of this area is part of the Mid Peninsula Open Space preserve, or within a state park. This is headed northbound, a few miles north of the road that leads to the Portola State Park.
This road is narrow and heavily patched. It is really slow just south of Skyline Boulevard.

I rode my bike on this once, when I was 18. There were few cars (if you like living, pull off the road before one comes up behind you)  and it wasn't very steep. There is a good ocean view a few miles south of Skyline. The road is fast and wider south of La Honda.

[Alpine Road]

This is looking roughly towards Highway 9.
The peak to just right of center can be seen easily from Highway 1 near Pescadero.

[Alpine Road North]

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