G10 East (Blossom Hill Road) in California

These are from December 1986 of Blossom Hill Road in East Los Gatos. After 85 opened there was a lot less traffic out here in 1994. I am not sure if this section has any G10 signs left at all. I am leaving these online permanently. Back then it was quite a drive to reach eastern San Jose from here.

[G10 East]

This is just past the last photo. The big hill in the distance is Communications Hill. This 1986 era photo was taken before a small pass was cut on Communications Hill. 87 was built up there in 1988. I believe this is before Union Avenue.

[G10 East]

[85 South]

[G10 East]

An interchange with US101 at Ford Road opened around 1980. It linked Monterey Highway, US101, and Blossom Hill Road. Blossom Hill Road was open east of there by 1984.

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