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[Malad Summit]

This is a photo of climbing Malad Summit on I15 South.

I have only been to South East Idaho, so that is where I focus my Idaho Highway pages. I am one of a very few highway sites with a collection of Idaho highway pages. I have family living out this way as well, and I'm related to the people who originally settled the Malad area.

Interstate 84

Interstate 84 East Interstate 84 West, Page One

Interstate 84 West , Page Two

Interstate 86

Interstate 86 East, Page One Interstate 86 West, Page One
Interstate 86 East, Page Two Interstate 86 West, Page Two
Interstate 86 East, Page Three Interstate 86 West, Page Three

Interstate 86 West, Page Four

Interstate 86 West, Page Five

Interstate 86 West, Page Six

Exits off of I86

Exit 52 off Interstate 86 (Arbon Valley)

Interstate 15

I15 South, Page One I15 North, Page One
I15 South, Page Two I15 North, Page Two
I15 South, Page Three I15 North, Page Three

Interstate 15 Exits

Exit 44 off I15

US93 in Idaho

US93 South, Page One US93 North, Page One
US93 South, Page Two US93 North, Page Two

US30 near Wyoming

US30 West in Eastern Idaho US30 East  in Eastern Idaho


US91 North US91 South

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