Panoche Hills BLM

This area is part of a BLM owned plot of land between J1 and I5. If you really want to explore this area, you should get an information packet from the BLM Office in Hollister.  This set was taken on an almost smog free day on March 20, 1997. The Sierras barely show up in these photos. The access road is a dirt road that is a wash board surface. So don't expect to have good wheel alignment when you leave.

The views here on a smog free day are dazzling. You can see most of the Sierra Nevada and many valley cities clearly.  I was here on a Thanksgiving Day weekend and there were maybe four or five other sets of people here. This is definitely an area that isn't crowded, even when other recreation areas are really crowded. The elevation is about 2700'.

This is looking towards Chowchilla and Merced.

[Panoche Hills BLM]

This is looking towards Fresno. The Sierras were half-clear when this was taken but a lot was lost of detail was lost in the photo itself.

[Panoche Hills BLM]

This is looking towards 152 and I5. The hills have just gone brown here, and they don't stay green long, even in an El Niño year. The wildflower season is brief but incredible.

[Panoche Hills BLM]

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