Monterey Highway and Cochrane Road

This is the intersection of Cochrane and Monterey circa 1986.
Two lanes used to turn from Cochrane westbound to Monterey Highway northbound, as US101 North. I've replaced these photos, but I'll leave these old sets up permanently because people still look at them. I have heard that the Capri Restaurant will be demolished in 2015. The pavement by the 45 MPH sign and by the yield sign was ripped out around May 2020. Also in later years there were trees by that area and they were also taken out in May 2020.

[Monterey Highway at Cochrane in 1986]

This is the start of Cochrane Road.
This area has been developed a lot starting in 1997.

[Cochrane Road in 1986]

This old US101 sign was gone by 1988.

[Cochrane Road East in 1986]

The "Begin Freeway Sign" was still there as of late 1997. I think it disappeared in early 1998. Before the US101 freeway was completed in the 1980s, this ramp was two lanes wide. US101 became a freeway again here before the South Valley Freeway was completed in 1984. Old Sutter Airport was to the right of this on ramp until the early 1980s.

[Cochrane Road East in 1986]

Cochrane Road East in 2007
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