Dunne Ave East in Santa Clara County

Dunne Avenue is the main access into Henry Coe State park. Most people take Dunne Avenue off US101 in Central Morgan Hill to access the park. Another entrance is open only one day a year, via Highway 152, near Bell Station. Some parts of the park are not accessible without crossing private land. The park comes within sight of San Antonio Valley Road (behind Mount Hamilton) but is not accessible to it at this point. The state may build an access road to that area. This first photo is taken from Morgan Hill in February 1996 using a zoom lens. This shows what this area looks like after a snow storm in the mountains. This set of hills did not burn in August to September 2020 during the fires out here.

[Henry Coe State Park]

It is 13 miles from this point to the State Park Headquarters.  You enter the State Park about a mile before the entrance.

Going over US101. This interchange was improved in 2000 and now has a loop from Eastbound Dunne to Northbound 101 (with a metering light, and a carpool lane in the loop.) From 1973 to 1994, Dunne Ave had a diamond interchange without any traffic lights, and it was a real mess.
The hills that are snow covered and just left of center are over South San José. To their left, lies a snow covered Mount Hamilton, which is one of the tallest peaks in Central California. This is from February 2001, and Mt. Hamilton was under three feet of snow when this set was taken.

[Dunne Ave East]

[Dunne Ave East]

This one didn't turn out quite like I figured it would. But it shows the Santa Cruz Mountains to the north west.

[Dunne Ave East]

This turned out a bit dark, to say the least. The snow is on top of Pine Ridge, a ridge you can see clearly from Morgan Hill, Monte Sereno, and Saratoga. Pine Ridge is within the park.

[Dunne Ave East] 

Dunne Avenue East
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