Cochrane Road East in Morgan Hill

These five photos are from February 14, 2007. This part of Cochrane Road hasn't had a US101 sign on it in 20 years. It has been planned to be widened. It did carry US101 traffic from 1973 to 1985, and at night off and on when US101 or 85 were being worked on. This is just east of Monterey Highway.

[Cochrane Road East]

This is just before Butterfield Parkway, which is basically a bypass of Monterey Highway. It is done from Cochrane to Tennant, but will go farther later on.

[Cochrane Rd East]

This is just before Sutter. Cochrane Road is only a mile long between the freeway and Monterey Highway.

[Cochrane Rd East]

This is at Cochrane Plaza. Henry Coe is dead ahead, but to access it, you must take Dunne Avenue. There is a county park to the east on Cochrane, past the freeway.

[Cochrane Rd East]

Cochrane Road East
Cochrane Road East in 1986
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