I275 North in Florida (The Sunshine Skyway Bridge)

These 16 photos all are from Kevin Weed from March 2019. The Sunshine Skyway Bridge carries I-275 across Tampa Bay connecting St. Petersburg on the north side to Bradenton and Sarasota on the south side of the bay. This current bridge is actually the second bridge to span the bay replacing the original which is infamous for being hit by a freighter during a squall in 1980. The bridge is tolled at $1.50 for a standard passenger car. It comes in at a little over 4 miles long and it provides 180 feet of clearance above the water, high enough to allow for cruise ships to enter and exit the Port Of Tampa. These photos start on the south end and head north. Both ends of the bridge have a rest area that both have fishing piers. They're the last stop in their respective directions before going over the bridge. Prior to there being a bridge, anyone living in St. Petersburg and it's nearby coastal beach towns would have to take I-75 all the way up through Tampa and around the bay making for a somewhat lengthy drive to get to Bradenton. From Eric: I was out here as a newborn with my mom on a ride on the old bridge. Don't ask me to comment much on this route myself. This is also US19 on my map.

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