US90 West in Texas

The first photo is from 7/21/1978. This is a mile sign off TX-97 pointing to Los Angeles, Texas. The first photo was from a trip from Corpus Christi to southern California. The rest was from a trip from Corpus Christi to Big Bend. The car being used here in this first photo is a 1970s BMW and it was overheating badly all the way to El Paso. This was a 600 mile trip that went through no towns with more than 20,000 people in them. It had a cracked cylinder head at the end. We did 35 MPH in an automatic in second gear. US90 used to be Texas Highway 3. By the way a big tropical storm hit Corpus Christi when we were on this disaster of a trip.

[TX-97 West]

The rest were all taken on 7/21/1979 of TX-97 and of US90 West in West Texas. It was with a different car.
This sign post is for Fowerlton, Texas and Los Angeles, Texas.

[TX97 West]

These three are west of Del Rio.

[US90 West]

This is the Amistad bridge and this is looking into Mexico.

[US90 West]

[US90 West]

These two are of Dryden, Texas. I think this store is gone and this town had a population of only 13 by 1988. That was only nine years after these photos were taken.

[US90 West]

US90 West
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