US90 West in Texas

The first photo is from 7/21/1978. This is a mile sign off TX-97 pointing to Los Angeles, Texas. The first photo was from a trip from Corpus Christi to southern California. The rest was from a trip from Corpus Christi to Big Bend. The car being used here in this first photo is a 1970s BMW and it was overheating badly all the way to El Paso. This was a 600 mile trip that went through no towns with more than 20,000 people in them. It had a cracked cylinder head at the end. We did 35 MPH in an automatic in second gear. We were pushed into taking a trip and the repair bill was $3,000 in 1978. I did like this BMW but it never would have survived the mountains by Willcox and Yuma. When we were only 50 miles from Corpus Christi and this car had almost had it. It had done fine in Texas before this. This trip was a real nightmare. I was too young to get all of it at the time but people were really whizzing past us when we were doing 35 MPH. I did have these photos up in 1998 but I took them down after a while. I decided to put them back up. I did get heat stroke on this trip. The air conditioner was off or the car would have done worse. I am surprised we did not blow the engine. I snuck my pet hermit crabs along for this trip. What a mistake. They were not around much longer after this. We ended up getting a nice rent a car to use the rest of way to Southern California. This was super high stress and it was expensive. And it is no joke that during this trip Tropical Storm Amelia hit our town! We had to sell this BMW and a month after we got home we had to evacuate to Austin for a hurricane. SELLOUTS ARE NOT FAMILY. I'm not willing to forgive certain things.

[TX-97 West]

The rest were all taken on 7/21/1979 of TX-97 and of US90 West in West Texas. It was with a different car.
This sign post is for Fowerlton, Texas and Los Angeles, Texas.

[TX97 West]

These three are west of Del Rio.

[US90 West]

This is the Amistad bridge and this is looking into Mexico.

[US90 West]

[US90 West]

These two are of Dryden, Texas. I think this store is gone and this town had a population of only 13 by 1988. That was only nine years after these photos were taken.

[US90 West]

US90 West
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