Interstate 15 North in San Bernardino County

Mile 257
This is looking to snow capped mountains near the California-Nevada border to the north.

[I15 North]

Here is a long downgrade at Mountain Pass (elevation 4731'.)
This pass can receive snow in the winter.
Mile 275

[I15 North]

The Nipton Exit
This is looking into Nevada. Mile 279 is also San Bernadino County mile 186.20
The state line is located where the yellow landscape stops.
Then you go by Whiskey Pete's (to the west) and Gold Strike (to the east).
Source: Harold Johnson.

[I15 North]

I took this in August 1988 of the Grand Canyon. I was on a long flight.


Mile 289 is the Nevada State Line.
I took this in August 1988. I was on a long flight and I could tell I was flying right over old US91 south of Vegas. Back then this was NV604.

[Nevada 604]
Mile 28
This is entering Las Vegas, which occasionally gets snow in the winter, even though it is only 2000' up. Also do not forget there is a short new section of Interstate 11 south of town. This is new. And I11 is proposed to run a long way up north of here.
The speed limit goes up to 75 at the north end of town.

[I15 North]

By Exit 55, the speed limit is 75 MPH. In this area you see a sign that says:

Glen Canyon                41
  Salt Lake City             455

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