Highway 85 South in California

This is by the 280 Exit. Before 1994, this part of 85 connected 280 and US101 mainly.

[85 South]

This is the last mile of the old section, showing 85 between 280 and Stevens Creek Blvd, and this was a section that was reworked in 1992.

[85 South]

This is where 85 South used to end at Stevens Creek Boulevard.
Notice how the exit is as wide as the freeway itself.  For 21 years, the last part of 85 was basically a six lane wide connection between 280 and Stevens Creek Boulevard, and few people used it. The pavement stopped just north of Stevens Creek and in front of the end of the freeway was a giant mound of ice plant. The overpass was built in 1988 and 1989, not in 1973 when 85 was extended from 280 to Stevens Creek Boulevard (note that the South Valley freeway portion of 101 was also under construction at the same exact time, and both were six lane, concrete freeways.) The freeway name changes to The West Valley Freeway here.

  Highway 85 in July 1988, just before the overpass was built.

[85's old terminus, in July 1988]

The same location shown on the day Highway 85 opened. This is from October 1994.

[85 South]

These next two are from 8/28/2010. This is south of Stevens Creek Boulevard. The McClellan Road undercrossing is next then there is the Stelling Road undercrossing.

[85 South]

This is before the Saratoga - Sunnyvale Road exit.

[85 South]

85 South

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