58 West (former US466)

This is looking into the eastern end of Bakersfield.
This is about 41 miles West of Mojave and Elevation 1000'. This is just East of General Beale Road.
This is Mile 127.

[58 West]

Highway 99 is Mile 92, and that is 58.7 miles west of Mojave.

On 58 East approaching Bakersfield from I5, you are advised by a yellow caution sign to avoid taking 58 into Bakersfield, because it can be congested. Seventh Standard Road is recommended by that sign as the route from 99 to I5. I took Highway 46 to get photos. Update: The Westside Parkway is being extended near the old end of the 58 freeway by 99. It does not lead all the way to I5 but it will let you get to western Bakersfield easily. The Centennial Parkway opened early in 2024. 58 then goes over to the Stockdale Highway to I5. That is a proposed freeway to I5.

99 North (take this to continue the route of old US466)
99 South to I5 South 
I5 North
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