Highway 58 East in California

This route is often used to head into Nevada, Utah, and Idaho, without having to cross the Sierras in the Winter. It is also the main route from California to Arizona and points directly east, and leads to I40, which will take you a long ways east of California. Eventually 58 should start wearing an Interstate 40 shield as far west as Interstate 5. 58 was formerly US466, along with Highway 46, and sections of 99, I15, and US93.

These pictures are from February 1998 when California was having extremely heavy rains from El Niño, and from February 2002. This is eight miles east of I5. 58 has congested traffic in the Bakersfield area. A yellow caution sign recommends you take 7th Standard Road to 99 from 3:30 PM till 6:00 PM. This part of 58 was SR178 until the early 1960s. This highway sees some bad neighborhoods in Bakersfield before you reach 99. This is from February 2002 and this is the McKittrick Highway. The highway now runs on Stockdale Highway east of I5 to the Centennial Corridor. Eventually this will all be freeway between I5 and 99. The corridor opened by 99 in 2024.

At I5 you see a mile sign that says:
Bakersfield      22
Mojave           83
Barstow         151

99 North
99 South to I5 South

This was taken leaving Bakersfield at Mt. Vernon Avenue.

[58 East]

58  is 3 lanes wide each way from Cottonwood to Highway 184.

Tehachapi            31
Mojave                 53
Barstow              122

This is looking into the Southern Sierra and the Sequoia National Forest, just West of Tejón Highway.

[58 East]

Entering the Tehachapi Mountains, east of General Beale Road, and the elevation is about 1000' here. From Bakersfield to 223, the highway climbs up and down and has wide (fast) S curves up to a summit. At 223, you can look clearly into the Southern Sierra, and to the south towards the Grapevine.
Note a few orange wildflowers in the center of the picture. This area has a spectacular wildflower season.

[58 East]

58 East
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