41 South in Fresno County, California

The freeway entrance from Bullard Ave. I believe this part of 41 opened around 1982. 41 ran along Blackstone Ave in the North end of town before the freeway was done. This set is from July 1995. The freeway gets older as you approach 99, and there are some metering lights.

[41 South]

41 at Shields Avenue.

[41 South]

41 Near the 180 Freeway. Fresno's downtown skyline is the the background.
The 180 interchange was improved in 1997. 180 opened East of 41 in 1999.
[41 South]

41 approaching 99 South. This old bottleneck is gone.
Here there is room for three lanes of traffic, but it is bottlenecked down to two lanes to form an on ramp to 99 South.
41 used to have to go down 99 to Jensen Avenue,  and follow Jensen to the remaining portion of 41. This ran people through an inner city (bad) area. It also caused congestion.
The work was done in 1997 and 1998, and opened up some time in mid 1998.
With the work on 180, 168, and 41, Fresno is getting a very well organized freeway network.  

[41 South]

41 South

99 South
180 East to Kings Canyon National Park
180 and J1 West

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