I280 South in Santa Clara County

These first two are from 1/20/1986 and they are scanned from slides.
The first is taken near Sand Hill Road.

[I280 South]

I think this is about two miles east of Sand Hill Road.

[I280 South]

This is Interstate 280 by Highway 85 in July 1996. The thunderclouds are over the Sierras.

[Jct 85]

This was taken on 5/26/1986 using slides. I had to get a slide scanner to put this online. This is I280 by Foothill Expressway. The drought started later this year.

[I280 South]

85 South
85 North

The snow shown here is on the foothills (elevation 2200' or so), Red Mountain (3700', eastern Santa Clara County)  and Mt Hamilton (about 4700') as well as Mt Stakes (3800') which is partly in Santa Clara County and partly in Stanislaus County.  Also, these pictures were taken when 280 was widened from 3 lanes each way to 5 lanes each way.  A diamond lane was added.  The old Oleander planted divider was replaced by a concrete divider that made 280 audible from far away.   The project ran from 1988 till late 1990.  The diamond lanes were painted in  December 1990 during the middle of the day resulting in a hideous back up. The project extended from near Foothill Expressway to about Meridian Ave. As a former 280 commuter, I must say that project made a huge difference.  

This is 280 South at Saratoga Sunnyvale Road.

[280 South]

Lawrence Expressway North
Lawrence Expressway South

This is just north of Saratoga Ave.  

[280 South]  

This is a bit south of Saratoga Ave. 

[280 South]

280 South
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