280 South in Santa Clara County

At Saratoga Ave and 280.
This in an antique. In 1990 this freeway became five lanes each way.

[280 South]

San Tomas Expressway North
San Tomas Expressway South

   This is near the 880 and 17 Interchange. Mt. Hamilton is to the left, Mt. Isabel to the right, and Mt. Stakes (farther East than both of them) is in between. To see Mt. Stakes close up, go to this page of 130 East (San Antonio Valley Rd), behind Mt. Hamilton, and look at the bottom photo.

[280 South]

Here is 280 at Winchester and 17 a few days later.
The snow level is about 1800' here.
280 is being widened here, the dirt strip divider was replaced with carpool lanes.

[280 South]
880 North
17 South

Near Meridian Ave
This area has changed little since it was built.

[280 South]

280 South
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