Highway 237 East (Southbay Freeway)

This highway was turned into a freeway very slowly. Now you can actually go from 85 to 880 without any traffic lights. It turns into Felter Road. It is not a freeway between I880 and I680, and this set is from 7/4/2006.

This is just east of 85. I think this part was turned into a freeway in 1994 to 1995. In the 1980s I did this ride once. I did not have my camera. From Maude to Central it was not a freeway. It was a freeway by 85. It was a freeway from Central to just past Lawrence Expressway. Then it became Mountain View Alviso Road. There were carpool lanes. I have no "old" photos of it. It was lonelier between Lawrence and 880 back then.

[237 East]

The speed limit is only 55 MPH on parts of 237.
G6 North
G6 South
[237 East]

Matilda Ave links 237 East with US101 South.
US101 South
US101 North

[237 East]

Junction Lawrence Expressway South.

[237 East]

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