G2 / Lawrence Expressway South

These are from 5/26/2009, from 237 to Saratoga Ave.

This is Lawrence Expressway at 237. This immediate area didn't seem changed from the 1980s and didn't seem as nice as the other parts.
237 East
237 West
[Lawrence Expressway South]

This is the intersection with Tasman Ave / Great America Parkway and the light rail line.

[Lawrence Expressway South]

This is Lakebird Drive.

[Lawrence Expressway South]

This is before Lakehaven Drive, just before US101, and the 1996 widening project started about here.

[Lawrence Expressway South]

US101 South
US101 North

This is right over US101. There was some smog this day. The interchange was changed when the expressway was widened.

[Lawrence Expressway South]

 Lawrence Expressway South
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