US93 North in Nevada

It can get super cold out here in the wintertime.  Lows below zero are common in December and January. US93 has railroad like crossing guards at Jackpot and Wells to close the road during snow storms. This is a highway very likely to have heavy snowfall during the winter, about as likely as Interstate 80 in the Sierras. Often there is a "Travel Not Advised" warning during heavy storms.
I haven't ever done US93 south of Wells, it's something I want to do, but that is one lonely road!
This stretch of US93 passes through a lot of BLM recreation areas. Nevada is mainly Federal Land, and much of it BLM.

US93 is 70 MPH from just north of Wells to Jackpot, Nevada.  After entering Idaho, it's 65 MPH through a small mountain pass near Rogerson then 60 mph from Hollister to about Twin Falls.

Right after you leave Wells you see this mile sign:

Twin Falls            116

There is a rest area just north of I80.  

This is 13 miles north of Wells.

[US93 North]

This is 16 miles north of Wells.

[US93 North]

This is 18 miles north Of Wells and climbing H-D Summit (6274'.)
This part of the highway is often buried under snow in the winter.

[US93 North]

This is 19 miles north of Wells.

[US93 North]

US93 North
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