US50 East in California

This is US50 East in Sacramento. US50 has a distinct rush hour in Sacramento. Its not as extreme as a Los Angeles rush hour, but its one that isn't easy. This set is from October 15, 1996.

After the 50/99 split you see this sign:

Placerville                  39
South Lake Tahoe      99

This part of US 50 could have been Interstate 70, which is the road to Denver, Kansas City, Indianapolis, and Baltimore.
It was submitted to be included in the Interstate Highway system and never accepted.
Few people ride US50 East through here to get to anything east of Carson City, because of how congested US 50 is in the South Lake Tahoe area, how slow US50 can be in the Sierras, and how lonely US50 is from Fallon to Interstate 15 in Utah.

[US50 East]

The first set of foothills.

[US50 East]

Here US50 is leaving the valley.
Here is the Sacramento-El Dorado County Line. This is the first and hardest climb on US50 East.

[US50 near the El Dorado County line]

This probably is near Pollock Pines. US 50 isn't a freeway or even 4 lanes wide for most of this ride to Carson City.

US 50 East
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