Hale Avenue North and Santa Teresa Boulevard North

This set is from 4/28/2006 and from 5/4/2006. Hale Avenue and Santa Teresa Boulevard are extensions of Highway 25 in Santa Clara County.
The name changes from Hale Avenue to Santa Teresa past Palm Avenue. Most of this ride is rural, but quite a bit is actually uninhabited parts of San José.
The hills and landscape are green from wintertime rain in these photos. Traffic is moderate on this stretch of back road, and it is used to bypass US101 and Monterey Highway. Really old maps show a freeway extension of US101 following this route up to the IBM plant on Bailey.

This is looking towards Bailey Avenue and US101.

[Hale Avenue / Santa Teresa Blvd North]

This is past Bailey Avenue and this small pass has no name.

[Hale Avenue / Santa Teresa Blvd North]

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