Monterey Highway Northbound

Gilroy to Morgan Hill

This section was replaced by US101 in 1973. It has very few US101 Business signs remaining, though unlike the section north of Cochrane, it still is a business route. This section is less rural than the Bernal to Cochrane section. This set is from 12/23/2006, along with the sets of Monterey Highway North from Morgan Hill to Cochrane. The traffic shown in these sets from Morgan Hill to Gilroy shows holiday traffic and it normally is much less!

The railroad overpass by Old Monterey Road is from 1933. Monterey Road used to be three lanes wide (total!) from San José to Morgan Hill and four lanes wide down past Gilroy. Some of the last photos of this set are pretty dark from the weather.

Here is the start of Monterey Highway, in Gilroy's southern section.

[Monterey Highway Northbound] 
Monterey Highway is basically 50 mph until 10th Street, which leads to 152 East.

[Monterey Highway Northbound] 
This is Luchessa Avenue. This section is signed with a 50 MPH speed limit.

[Monterey Highway Northbound] 
Traffic is light until 10th St in Gilroy, usually.

[Monterey Highway Northbound] 


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