Monterey Highway Northbound

Gilroy to Morgan Hill

This is the 10th Street light, which leads to 152 East. Caltrain ends right by here.
Monterey Road soon slows to 25 mph and narrows.

[Monterey Highway Northbound] 
This used to be where 152 met US101. Old Gilroy Street is the old 152 route.

[Monterey Highway Northbound] 
Here there used to be two lanes used for parking and two for traffic. Now it is two lanes wide with parking spaces.
This project was done in 2006.

[Monterey Highway Northbound] 
Monterey Highway gets wider as you leave downtown Gilroy. This is First Street and 152 West. Monterey Highway and 152 East are together starting here.

[Monterey Highway Northbound] 

152 East and G9 East (Leavesley Road)
Monterey Highway North
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