Interstate 80 West in Indiana and Illinois

These sets of I80 West from Indiana to Wyoming are all from July 2000.

Mile 35
Michigan City, Indiana.
Traffic gets heavier here as you approach Chicago and Chicago's suburbs.   

[I80 West]
Exit 160
I80, I294, and I94 split apart here.
There are lots of cars are here, like I5 in Los Angeles. Unlike Los Angeles, there are no carpool lanes through here. After this I80 is a tollway for a while. Interstate 80 does not actually enter the city of Chicago but it sure goes through the suburbs. I80 and I294 are together in this area.

[I80 West]
    Exit 155
Here I80 splits from I294 and I80 does not go through Chicago itself. I80 stops being a tollway here.

[I80 West]

Exit 154

[I80 West]
I80 West in Illinois
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