Interstate 15 North in San Bernadino County

Interstate 15 is a scenic route in the desert, and it is also a fast and steep route. This was US91 and US466 before 1964. Like I15 in Nevada south of Las Vegas, I15 from Barstow to the state Line is 70 mph. Unlike most states in the Great Basin where rural freeways are almost always 75, 70 is as fast as California allows. Trucks of course can't go over 55 in California. This set is from February 1998. I have friends who routinely take this from Central California to Northern Utah to avoid winter storms.

This is Barstow in the springtime, at East Main Street, and it is one mile past I40.  I15 has purplish brown asphalt here.
This area occasionally gets snow.

Mile 173

[I15 North]

This is I15 at Fort Irwin Road.
Mile 178

[I15 North]

Here is Zzyzx Road.
Mile 231
Here I15 North becomes 3 lanes wide, and you see this mile sign: 

Las Vegas              89
Salt Lake City    534

[I15 North]

Here there are 16 Miles left of climbing Halloran Summit. Here you can see that the highway climbs up a straight line for about 16 miles or so, with no let up or relief.
Mile 257

[I15 North]

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