G3 / Oregon - Page Mill Expressway North

These are all from 3/27/2013. I had been trying to get photos out here for a while. I had barely ever done this ride before.
These photos are between I280 and US101. This ride goes by quickly.

This is two miles past I280 and this is by Hanover Street.

[Oregon - Page Mill Expressway South]

This is by Ramos.

[Oregon - Page Mill North]

This is by El Camino Real (Highway 82.)

[Oregon - Page Mill North]

This is before Alma. Alma becomes G6 and Central Expressway to the east. The interchange here is a little crazy to drive through. This is about three miles past I280.
G6 South

[Oregon - Page Mill North]

This is before Waverly.

[Oregon - Page Mill North]

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