G17 West and G16 West in Monterey County

Every time I did US101 through Monterey County I was curious about these two roads. They lead to Arroyo Seco, a campground in the Los Padres National Forest. There is a dirt road (closed to autos) that leads deep into the National Forest. One time (March 1986) I saw snow on the mountains to the west of US101, something you won't see all that often.
You can get peeks of this area from US101 north of King City. This set is from August 1996, on the same day as the G13 trip photos.

Arroyo Seco is a good recreational area for the towns of Southern Monterey County. Los Padres National Forest runs through sections of the hills near US101 from near Soledad to the mountains north of Ventura. G16 and G17 through here are fast and wide. G16 has a narrow bridge (if I remember right) west of G17.

This is on G17, Arroyo Seco Road,  west of Hudson Road. The tree line to the right is near 101 and Hudson Rd. The Pinnacles are on the extreme left horizon. The hills to the center and right are the foothills between US101 and 25. G13 goes through them. The haze obscured mountains behind them lie in Fresno and San Benito Counties.


This is on G16, named Arroyo Seco Road through here.
The two large peaks are Junipero Serra (to the right, Elevation 5862') and Pinyon Peak (to the center, Elevation 5264'). Its surprising that the mountains this close to the ocean can be this high. G16 ends in Carmel, just south of Monterey.

[G16 West]

A good view of the peaks in the National Forest and Highway 1 with  Lucia area are about twenty miles west of here.

[G16 West]

Arroyo Seco in the Los Padres National Forest
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