Cochrane Road West in Morgan Hill (former US101)

Three of these photos are from November 16, 2004. This part of Cochrane Road hasn't had a US101 sign on it in 20 years. It has been planned to be widened. It did carry US101 traffic from 1973 to 1985, and at night off and on when US101 or 85 were being worked on. This has been built up more since it stopped being US101, but it has not been widened much. The US101 signs were gone by 1988. The Capri Restaurant was demolished in 2015.

This is right off US101 South.

    [Cochrane Road West]

This is just before Cochrane Road.

[Cochrane Road West]

This is by Sutter and by the shopping center.

[Cochrane Road West]

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