Monterey Highway Northbound

(Morgan Hill to San José)

This set of pictures was taken in October 1986,  soon after this old stretch of US101 was replaced. This part of US101, from Cochrane Road to Ford Road, was the official US101 before 1985. The freeway replaced a part of Monterey Road South of Cochrane in 1973. The accident rate was high. At first there was only one traffic light from Ford Road  to Cochrane Road, then there were about seven. The road was three lanes wide (total), then was widened to  a four lane highway with a concrete divider.
In 1989 the US101 Shields were removed and the speed limit increased to 55 MPH from Peebles Ave in Morgan Hill to Blossom Hill Road. In 1995 the speed limit was briefly 55 MPH from Blossom Hill to Cochrane, but the last bit of Monterey Road North of Cochrane is probably too congested for that.   The US101 shields did not have a direction sign with them. I've replaced these sets but I will keep the old photos up because people still look at them.

  Here we are approaching Palm Ave. This section has not changed much since the mid 1980s.

[Monterey Highway North]

Just north of Palm Ave, and this stand is long gone.

[Monterey Highway North]

This is taken halfway between Palm Ave and Metcalf Road.

[Monterey Highway North]
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