The Bailey Avenue Exit off US101 Construction Photos

This general project is to help the Cisco campus that is proposed by Bailey and Santa Teresa Boulevard, and this project had been a dotted line on the map since the 1970s.
These are all from 2/2/2005, and it was a very pretty day for this ride. The bridge in the center is not done and the trucks are blocking traffic from it. This is Bailey Avenue Westbound at Monterey Highway.

[The Bailey Avenue Exit]

This had not been open long when these were taken. This part of San José is not currently populated much.
This is at the off ramp to Monterey Highway and this is facing westwards.

[The Bailey Avenue Exit]

The bridge is over Monterey Highway is being built here. Bailey Avenue did not exist before to the left.
This is on Monterey Highway southbound. The light in the center of the photo is at the old Monterey Road intersection with Bailey Avenue. The new roadway for Bailey Avenue is a little to the north of the old roadway in this area.

[The Bailey Avenue Exit]

This is from 12/22/2003 and it shows work on the Bailey Avenue overpass over US101.

[The Bailey Avenue Overpass]

This is from 11/16/2004. This shows the work on the interchange of Bailey Avenue and US101.

[Bailey Avenue Interchange]

Monterey Highway South on this day in 2005
Monterey Highway South
Monterey Highway North
Santa Teresa Boulevard South
Santa Teresa Boulevard North
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