92 East and 35 North

These are from 2/13/1986. There had been a huge storm out here the day before. 35 (Skyline Boulevard) and 92 are multiplexed from Skyline Boulevard to almost I280. This section is a proposed freeway. By looking at what you are seeing you can see why. I280 is in the distance. 92 stops being a freeway towards the center of the photo in the distance. These are scanned off slides. Also 92 as a freeway is in the right part of the center of the photo.

[92 East and 35 North]

This is looking towards Skyline Boulevard.

[92 East and 35 North]

35 North comes off 92 a little before I280. 92 East drops south then it turns into a freeway by I280.

I280 South
I280 North
I280 South in 1986
92 East
92 Index
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