Liberty Road East and 88 East in San Joaquin County

These three are from 4/12/2008. I take Liberty Road off 99 to cut off some slow driving on 88.
The mountains are visible in the distance. This is only four miles past 99. This road is fast and has a few stop signs. There are some huge houses out this way. This is by Bruella Road.
The snow was visible in the distance from the off ramp off 99. The mountains are about 80 miles away. There actually are more CHP calls on this road than you might think.

[Liberty Road East]

This next photo is at Dry Creek, and it is eight miles east of 99.
In real life I could make out the snow easily. The mountains still show up in the picture.

[Liberty Road East]

This is two miles east of Liberty Rd, after turning on 88 East. The snow usually is not visible already at this point on my Highway 88 trips.

[88 East in San Joaquin County]

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