Highway 85 South in California in 1992 (Not fully constructed)

These four photos are from May 1992. This is taken on the very first part of 85 in San Jose you could drive on in 1992. There were 100 mile and hour drivers out here back then also. Much of 85 from Almaden to Stevens Creek Boulevard was not complete or even constructed when these were taken. Traffic was almost non-existent here. The freeway ran from Santa Teresa to Great Oaks Boulevard. 87 was not open from 280 to 85. The diamond lane on this segment did not appear until April 1994, and this section had been started in the fall of 1985. These photos are old but are looked at quite frequently. I will keep them online permanently.

This is just past Santa Teresa Boulevard.

[85 South in 1992]

The pavement was done out here by April 1990, and this was open by April 1991. "Cottle Road" is the only destination on the sign below because the other exits were not done yet.

[85 South]

This is by Cottle Road. The interchange has been modified since it was originally built.

[85 South in 1992]

This is just before Great Oaks Boulevard. The freeway ended here until July 1994. The light rail line was operational here a few years before the freeway. The signs for this freeway here in the photo are about as new as any in the state until the exit mileage sign program began in 2001. These signs were all replaced a little after 2002 or so. There was no access to Bernal, Monterey Highway, and US101 at this point. The bridges by US101 were done in April 1994.

[85 South in 1992]

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